Spa 's definition, with the maintenance of healing waters. Despite
the considerable development of the spa market in Turkey 'in the
new emerging sector. Apparently, a spa in every country in the world,
but he means something else in common with each of Looking at the overall
beauty of the concept of beauty and culture of the country what it is that meaning.
Spa, a concept which is rapidly developing in many parts of the world,
resort and
hotel complexes continues to take place. The distinctive features
of the other centers,
spa centers, the entry of space begins. Music system
and up to the decor, scented
candles, lighting system, including materials used in the cosmetic center that offers individual mental and physical health services.

Original name of "Aqua Sanitas Thurs" (SPA), ie, "Sudan's Wellness",
the name given to the Romans ever applied water therapies. With water,
improvement, use of water from the health, water, heat, cold, and in different
ways (pouring, dripping, showering, spraying) gained with the implementation of
complementary therapy used in the sense acquired feelings of relaxation and relief.



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