Belek, tourist heaven of Mediterranean, is forging ahead on the road
to be brand in congress tourism of Turkey, with its broad shallows,
blue-flagged clear sea, unique pinewoods, holiday villages at
international standards, and golf facilities.

Belek, providing simultaneous translation opportunity for its international
guests, has hosted countless national and international conferences
up to date, and is now the biggest candidate for being the congress center
of Turkey. Belek hosts 204 congress / meeting halls, with the capacity
of 500 to 3.500 people, and providing simultaneous translation service
for all participants. Belek is an ideal destination for congress tourism
not only because of technological infrastructure it has but also because of
its luxurious facilities, deep blue sea, lush green pinewoods,
and closeness to historical places.

The congress tourism has the capacity of keeping alive the Turkish tourist
sector in winter season and has been undertaking the function of extending
the period of tourism season to 12 months.
Belek, hosting national medical and scientific congresses and meetings
of most prestigious companies of Turkey all the year round,
has started being the beloved address of major international meetings,
in recent years. 68. World SKAL (International Tourism Professionals
Association) Congress, 57th Annual General Board Meeting of
German Tour Operators and Travel Agencies Association (DVR), and World
Moot Championship are some of these organizations.

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