First class international football teams from Europe have stayed in Belek
and exercised on its football fields. Football teams from Germany, Belgium,
Rusia, Hungary,Romania and of course Turkey have been in Belek.

The reason why the teams prefer Belek is the climatic conditions
that suit their purposes and the quality of the service at the facilities there.

The food prepared by top hotel chefs who have been educated at the international
level is the reason why the teams prefer region. Galatasaray, Fenerbahce, FC Brugge,
Spartak Moscow, Stuttgart and many famous football teams have become a part of Belek.
There are professional football fields at the facilities for football addicts.
Some of the teams that have chosen Bele for their training camp because of the abundance
of hotels in the region and the possibilities offered are the following : Galatasaray,
Fenerbahce, Besiktas, Trabzonspor, Kartalspor, FC Brugge, Spartak Moscow, Stuttgart,
Kickers, Rizespor, Adanaspor, R+W sport, Bursaspor, FICOFI-KW Mechelen, FC Shalke OU,
SC Borunussia-Fukda, J+L Frohnlach, TSV Lechhausen, TSC Thanhausen, TSV Bodingen Haming,
Skc Karadeniz, FC Emmersacker, Fussen Turk, SV Ettenkofen, TSV Zusmarhausen, DJK Letzau,
Pamukkale - Anadolu, SC Halding, SVC Jenbach, SV Wildsteig, TSV Moosach, TSC Traunwalchen,
SV Bischofsmains and Annabichler, Werder Bremen, N.A.C., Congo Milli Takımı, Ofu Beograd,
Cska Sofia, Lasu Linz, Saturne, 1860 München, FC Den Bosch, ADO Den Hag, Fortuna Köln, U.S.


  Adora Golf Resort Hotel
1 unit 90x60m inside football field, 2 unit 90x60m and 1 unit 70x105m outside football field, Üçkumtepesi Location
  IC Hotel
4 unit 60x90x m outside football field, Üçkumtepesi Location
  Sirene Golf
60x90m, 30x45m 2 unit football field Üçkumtepesi Location
  Riu Hotel Kaya
3 unit 60x90m, 2 unit 30x45m, Üçkumtepesi
  Papillon Belvil
1 unit 65x95m, 1 unit 40x60m inside football field, 5 unit outside football field Taşlıburun Location
  İberostar Bellis Hotel
1 unit 60x90 m, 1 unit practice football field Taşlıburun Location
  Attaleia Tatil köyü
2 unit 68x105m saha Taşlıburun Location
1 unit football field Taşlıburun Location
  Cornelia Diamond
2 unit football field 68x105 İskele Location
  MLC Water World
35x60m, İskele Location
  Belconti Resort Hotel
1 unit 40x70m practice football field, İskele Location
  Limak Arcadia Golf Resort Hotel
1 unit 65x105m 1 unit practice inside football field 7 unit big 2 unit outside practice football field, total 11 football field İskele Location
  Paloma Grida Village
38x60m, İskele Location
  Rixos Premium Belek
1 unit 60x90, 1 unit practice football field Acısu Location
  Gloria Hotels
2 unit outside football field 90x60 Acısu Location
2 unit football field 68x105 1 unit practice football field 90x45 İskele Location

16 Hotel , 50 Football field + 2 animation field =52    

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