A truly paradise for tourists on the shore of the Mediterranean in the
midst of its own pine forests. Belek's natural beauty was discovered
in 1984 and the region was proclaimed the "Belek Tourism Center".
In later years, Belek became what it is today, a paradise on earth,
thanks to cooperation between the Belek Tourism Investors Association
and the Ministry Of Culture and Tourism.

The Belek region on the Mediterranean coast is located 30 kilometers
on the east side of Antalya province. Recently it was chosen by the
Ministry Of Culture and Tourism to be a tourism model not just for today's
tourist, but also for the tourist of the next thousand years.
Belek!... What a tourism paradise!.

The region has 47 four or five-stars hotels and first-class holiday
villages and five golf courses. All of the facilities that have been
designated first-class provide an ideal atmosphere for families
and meticulously offer many opportunities and services aimed at pleasing
their guests. All the facilities offer floodlit tennis courts, indoor
and outdoor swimming pools, completely equipped health and fitness centers,
play areas and many more possibilities. Belek hoteliers are proud that
Belek is the new face of Turkish tourism.

Belek also serves professional and amateur sport teams with its 50 football
grounds and more than 200 tennis courts. Belek hotels have a righteous
reputation in congress tourism with a lot of halls providing simultaneous
translation service and hosted international meetings. Healthcare and
beauty tourism are given cognizance in Belek Hotels, as well.
There are many Thallasso centers, healthcare facilities, and beauty
centers in Belek.

Belek is not just a touristic holiday site. It also is an important space
sheltering natural life characteristics of Mediterranean Region. Botanical
researches have shown that there are 574 plant species in Belek and 29 of
them are endemic species (unique to Turkey) 1, Serik Pear (Pyrus serikensis),
is the regional endemic (unique to Belek).  Researches show that Belek hosts
more than 38 mammalian species, more than 100 birds, more than 30 reptilians,
and 51 invertebrates. What makes Belek important in respect of natural
characteristic is that it is "the Breeding Ground of Sea Turtles".
Furthermore, Belek is also proliferation area of Caretta Caretta,
which is one of endangered species. 



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